The Tools You Need to Succeed

-by Olu Rufen

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Olu Rufen's Stay sharp Numbers and Words Exercise Book:

A-Words Volume 1

Turn off the Media and Work on Yourself! Use this Math and Vocabulary Exercise Book to Stay Sharp and Maintain Your Extraordinary Mind! This Exercise Book is a Helpful Alternative to Wasted Time and Will Serve to Challenge You Where Necessary. Use It Regularly as a Tool to Be the Best You. Overhaul & Be It ALL!

Manage your Time and Brainpower!

Stay Sharp for a Better You!

*Available Now*


The Vulgar Self-Help BooK & Audio


This content serves to encourage you and get you off your ass in the most unapologetic way. Nothing else but raw passion will get you further. The harsh language is for your own good! 


A book of quotes, tools & space for writing.  Audio that will push you further.

*Book contains space for daily journal entries along with encouraging content to keep you focused on your goals

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Improve Me Autosuggestion (AFFirM)

Improvement through repetitive positive thoughts…..

Inspired by the phenomenon of autosuggestion and the studies of Émile Coué, Olu Rufen and Better Self bring you audio content for the improvement of mind, body, and soul.

Our everyday feelings and actions are deeply interrelated with our subconscious and through the use of autosuggestion, we can greatly improve ourselves every day and reach our goals for quality living. 

For Kids

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